National Superhero Day – April 28th

April 28, 2017 0
National Superhero Day is observed annually on April 28.  This is a day to honor superheroes, both real and fictional.

Traditionally, a superhero is a fictional character noted for feats of courage and nobility with a colorful name, costume, and abilities beyond those of normal human beings. Batman, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Hulk and Spiderman are just some of the superheroes are some of those we recognize.  Even though they are fictional, these superheroes are great role models for our children.
Our real-life superheroes may not have super powers or wear capes, but they are also great role models. Those could be the ones military personnel, police officers and firefighters, doctors, even our parents who go far and beyond to provide us with everything in our lives. 

At Maplebrook Dental we believe that Dentists are some sort of Super Heroes too. When you are in pain Dr.Molnar is more than happy to see you, listen and provide a proper  treatment. When you feeling a little nervous and don’t know if you could do the filling or any other procedure, Dr.Molnar is here to ease the stress and create an environment that will be comfortable for you. She fights cavities every day.

So today along with all the superheroes we celebrate one of our own, Dr. Molnar. 
Dr. Fotini Molnar DDS Dr.Fotini Molnar

Come in and Meet Our Superhero 


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