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Can You Get Dental X-Rays While Pregnant?

a pregnant woman visits the dentist with her family

Pregnancy is a time of many changes, including hormonal ones. During your pregnancy, regular visits to your health care provider are crucial for monitoring your health and that of your baby. Visits to your dentist are also vital for maintaining good oral care.  Dental visits can include routine checkups, cleaning, and even dental x-rays. Yes, […]

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What To Do If Your Child Breaks Their Teeth

a close up image of a child whose front tooth has cracked in half horizontally

Broken Teeth in Children Teeth are made of tough stuff. The outer layer of teeth, enamel, is the hardest tissue in the human body—even tougher than bone. Although an effective defensive layer, it’s still vulnerable to erosion, chips, and breaks.  When a child breaks or chips a tooth, it can be startling. Anytime a tooth […]

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How to Prevent Staining Your Veneers: Foods & Drinks to Avoid

3d illustration of dental Veneers being placed on top of teeth

Many people receive dental veneers to fix damaged or misaligned teeth and improve their smiles. Veneers are strong and durable, but they still need regular maintenance and dental care to avoid potential damage and staining.  If you’re looking to prevent staining your veneers, there are a few foods and drinks you should avoid. Continue reading […]

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