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Pediatric Dentistry in Uxbridge

Dental Care for Children

Bringing in your kids for regular dental exams and cleanings is an important part of taking care of their oral health. Our team is here to support your family, so whether it is for a serious dental issue or a routine exam, leave your children’s dental health in our hands.

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We're her for your little ones

The reasons for taking your children to the dentist go beyond regular dental exams and cleanings. It also helps build good oral hygiene routines that can help your kids avoid dental issues later in life. We are here to work with your kids, educating them on how they can best protect their teeth for a lifetime.

Our friendly and welcoming team loves to work with your whole family, taking the stress out of going to the dentist. Bringing your kids to the dentist at an early age helps to normalize the experience, potentially reducing dental anxiety in the future.

The importance of dental care for kids

Caring for your child’s dental health should start earlier than you may have expected. Even before your baby starts teething, it is important to keep their gums clean.

As your child grows, it is important to develop a positive image of the dentist in your child’s mind. This positive image can make it easier for your child to visit the dentist as they continue to grow, lessening the risk of issues like cavities.

Before this routine is developed, you will need to be involved in your child’s dental hygiene, especially when they’re still a baby.

  • Use a damp washcloth on your baby’s gums to clear bacteria
  • Use an infant toothbrush once your baby grows teeth
  • Begin to floss when your child’s teeth start to touch
  • At age two, start to allow your baby to spit while brushing
  • At age three, use a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste

If your child is younger than eight, always supervise their brushing