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Zoom Whitening Solution Love Your Smile at Any Age

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There are many different options when it comes to whitening solutions.  Daily brushing and healthy diet plus good dental maintenance will help with your teeth to stay white. As we age our teeth may be more dull and more yellow and in need of more than a whitening toothpaste. 

As well teeth stains from food and drink as well as smoking can occur more easily on thinning enamel. Certain medications can also cause staining. There are number of options to whiten your teeth that can be done either at the comfort of your home or by your dentist. 

Zoom Tooth Whitening Laser system
Laser whitening can only be performed by a dental professional. The teeth are first cleaned to remove any plaque and tartar build  up.  A hydrogen peroxide solution is applied to the teeth along with a gum barrier and a laser light activates it and it can be done up to 4 sessions of 15 min. Laser whitening produces faster results than other whitening methods. Sometimes the teeth and gums might become sensitive within the 48 hours, if sensitivity persists than a sensitive toothpaste required or the application of an ACP Oral Gel. 

Whitening teeth is relatively safe if done by a competent dentist.

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Written by Fotini Molnar

Dr. Fotini Molnar started her dental experience working as a dental assistant in a co-op program during high school. She went on to complete her Bachelor of Science, majoring in biotechnology at York University and then obtained her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the University of Toronto. Prior to her career in dentistry, Dr. Molnar researched neuroblastoma at Sick Kids Hospital.
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